Two papers were accepted at ICDE2016

May 16th-20th,2016

Ju Fan, Meihui Zhang, Stanley Kok, Meiyu Lu and Beng Chin Ooi published a paper named “CrowdOp: Query Optimization for Declarative Crowdsourcing Systems” at the 32nd IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering between May 16th and 20th,2016. They propose CROWDOP, a cost-based query optimization approach for declarative crowdsourcing systems. CROWDOP considers both cost and latency in the query optimization objectives and generates query plans that provide a good balance between the cost and latency.They develop efficient algorithms in CROWDOP for optimizing three types of queries: selection, join and complex selection-join queries.They validate their approach via extensive experiments by simulation as well as with the real crowd on Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Jun Chen, Yueguo Chen, Xiaoyong Du, Xiangling Zhang and Xuan Zhou published a paper named “SEED: A System for Entity Exploration and Debugging in Large-Scale Knowledge Graphs” at the 32nd IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering between May 16th and 20th ,2016. In this paper, they introduce a system called SEED that is designed to support entity-oriented exploration in large-scale KGs, based on retrieving similar entities of some seed entities as well as their semantic relations that show how entities are similar to each other. A by-product of entity exploration in SEED is to facilitate discovering the deficiency of KGs, so that the detected bugs can be easily fixed by users as they explore the KGs.

ICDE is a long-standing international conference in the field of database research. It is also called the top three conferences with SIGMOD and VLDB. It is selected into the China Computer Society (CCF) Class A conference, attracting thousands of scholars from around the world to discuss the frontier of development of the database.