Wei Lu, Jiajia Hou, Ying Yan,et al published a paper in the Vldb Journal

Oct 6th,2017

Wei Lu, Jiajia Hou, Ying Yan, Meihui Zhang, Xiaoyong Du and Thomas Moscibroda published a paper named “MSQL: efficient similarity search in metric spaces using SQL” in the Vldb Journal on October 6th,2017.

In this paper, they present MSQL, a practical solution for answering similarity queries in metric spaces fully using SQL. MSQL provides a uniform indexing scheme based on a standard built-in B+ -tree index, with the ability to accelerate the query processing using index seek. Various query optimization techniques are incorporated in MSQL to significantly reduce CPU and I/O cost. They deploy MSQL on top of PostgreSQL. Extensive experiments on various real data sets demonstrate MSQL’s benefits, performing up to two orders of magnitude faster than existing domain-specific SQL-based solutions and being comparable to native solutions.

The VLDB Journal also publishes a number of special issues in addition to the regular ones. One issue of each volume (usually the third) is devoted to selected papers from the previous year's VLDB Conference. Other special issues focus on information that the Editors and the Editorial Board determine to be of importance to the database community.