Xiangling Zhang, Yueguo Chen, Jun Chen, et al published a paper at SIGIR 2017

Aug 7th -11th,2017

Xiangling Zhang, Yueguo Chen, Jun Chen, Xiaoyong Du, Ke Wang and Ji-rong Wen published a paper named “Entity Set Expansion via Knowledge Graphs” at ACM SIGIR between Aug 7th and 11th,2017.

In this paper, they propose a novel approach to solve the problem using knowledge graphs, by considering the deficiency (e.g., incompleteness) of knowledge graphs. They design an effective ranking model based on the semantic features of seeds to retrieve the candidate entities. Extensive experiments on public datasets show that the proposed solution significantly outperforms the state-of-the-art techniques.

ACM SIGIR is the most important academic conference in the field of information retrieval sponsored by the International Computer Society. This year is the 40th. According to statistics, SIGIR 2017 received a total of 760 manuscripts (including 362 articles for long-term submissions and 78 articles for long-term publications), and the number of participants reached more than 900.