Three papers were accepted at SIGMOD 2017

May 14th - 19th, 2017

Yuchen Li, Ju Fan, Dongxiang Zhang and Kian-Lee Tan published a paper named “Discovering Your Selling Points: Personalized Social Influential Tag Exploration” at SIGMOD2017 between May 14th and 19th,2017. In this paper, they study a new social influence problem, called personalized social tags exploration (PITEX), to help any user in the SN explore how she influences the network. Given a target user, it finds a size-k tag set that maximizes this user's social influence. They prove the problem is NP-hard to be approximated within any constant ratio. Experimental results on real large-scale datasets validate their theoretical findings and show high performances of their proposed methods.

Guoliang Li, Chengliang Chai, Ju Fan, et. al published a paper named “CDB: Optimizing Queries with Crowd-Based Selections and Joins” at SIGMOD2017 between May 14th and 19th,2017. In this paper, they develop a crowd-powered database system CDB that supports crowd-based query optimizations, with focus on join and selection. CDB has fundamental differences from existing systems. They have implemented their system and deployed it on AMT, CrowdFlower and ChinaCrowd. They have also created a benchmark for evaluating crowd-powered databases. They have conducted both simulated and real experiments, and the experimental results demonstrate the performance superiority of CDB on cost, latency and quality.

Guoliang Li, Yudian Zheng, Ju Fan, Jiannan Wang and Reynold Cheng published a paper named “Crowdsourced Data Management: Overview and Challenges (tutorial)” at SIGMOD2017 between May 14th and 19th,2017. In this tutorial, they will survey and synthesize a wide spectrum of exist- ing studies on crowdsourced data management.They also dis- cuss crowdsourcing optimization techniques and systems. Finally, they provide the emerging challenges.

SIGMOD is recognized as the highest academic conference in the field of database in the international computer community. It is sponsored by the American Computer Society (ACM) Data Management Professional Committee (SIGMOD) and has been held annually for 36 sessions. The purpose of the conference is to provide a platform for researchers, developers and users in the database field to explore the latest academic ideas and research methods, exchange development skills, tools and experience on a global scale to guide and promote the development of database disciplines. The SIGMOD conference received 489 submissions from Research Paper and received 96 papers with a acceptance rate of only 19%. In addition, the conference received 13 Tutorials, 31 Demos, and 4 Industrial Papers.