Xiaoping Zhou,Xun Liang,Xiaoyong Du,et al published a paper at TKDE 2018

June 1st,2018

Xiaoping Zhou,Xun Liang, Xiaoyong Du and Jichao Zhao published a paper named “Structure Based User Identification across Social Networks” at IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering on June 1st,2018.

This study addressed the problem of user identification across SN platforms and offered an innovative solution. As a key aspect of SN, network structure is of paramount importance and helps resolve the user identification tasks. Many studies have reported that identical users have similar friends in different SN platforms. Therefore, they proposed a uniform network structure-based user identification solution. Based on their previous study, they developed a novel unsupervised friend relationship-based algorithm without prior knowledge called FRUI-P. They also addressed the complexity and discussed its scalability. Finally, they verified their algorithm in both synthetic networks and ground-truth networks.

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