Three papers were accepted at Database Systems for Advanced Applications

May 12th,2018

Feifei Li, Hongyan Liu, Jun He and Xiaoyong Du published a paper named “Exploiting Instance Relationship for Effective Extreme Multi-label Learning” at Database Systems for Advanced Applications on May 12th,2018. In this paper, they study how to utilize the similarity between instances to build more accurate tree-based extreme multi-label classifiers. To this end, they introduce the utilization of relationship between instances to state-of-the-art models in two ways: feature engineering and collaborative labeling. Extensive experiments conducted on three real world datasets demonstrate that their proposed method achieves higher accuracy than the state-of-the-art models.

Denghao Ma, Yueguo Chen, Xiaoyong Du and Yuanzhe Hao published a paper named “Interpreting Fine-Grained Categories from Natural Language Queries of Entity Search” at Database Systems for Advanced Applications on May 13th,2018. In this paper, they propose an approach by formalizing both context-based category model and topic-based category model, to tackle the category interpreting task. Extensive experiments on two widely-used test sets: INEX-XER 2009 and SemSearch-LS, indicate significant performance improvement achieved by their proposed method over the state-of-the-art baselines.

Tongtong Wang, Hao Huang, Wei Lu, Zhe Peng and Xiaoyong Du published a paper named “Efficient and Scalable Mining of Frequent Subgraphs Using Distributed Graph Processing Systems” at Database Systems for Advanced Applications on May 13th ,2018. In this paper, they propose an efficient and scalable framework for frequent subgraph mining by using distributed graph processing systems. It adopts a message-passing-free scheme among workers to reduce the communication cost, and utilizes a task scheduler to dynamically balance the workload. Experimental results on both synthetic and real-world data sets verify the efficacy of their proposed framework.

DASFAA is an annual international database conference, which showcases state-of- the-art R&D activities in database systems and their applications. It provides a forum for technical presentations and discussions among database researchers, developers and users from academia, business and industry. The conference will promote research and development activities in database and big data field among participants and their institutions from Pacific Asia and the world as well.