Jian Dai, Meihui Zhang, Gang Chen, Ju Fan,et al published a paper at SIGMOD 2018

June 10th -15th,2018

Jian Dai, Meihui Zhang, Gang Chen, Ju Fan, Kee Yuan Ngiam and Beng Chin Ooi published a paper named “Fine-grained Concept Linking using Neural Networks in Healthcare” at SIGMOD between June 10th and 15th,2018.

In this paper,they propose a Neural Concept Linking (NCL) approach for accurate concept linking using systematically integrated neural networks. They call the novel neural network architecture as the COMposite AttentIonal encode-Decode neural network (COM-AID). COM-AID performs an encode-decode process that encodes a concept into a vector and decodes the vector into a text snippet with the help of two devised contexts. Empirical studies on two real-world datasets confirm that the NCL produces accurate concept linking results and significantly outperforms state-of-the-art techniques.

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