Jun Chen


Jun Chen (chenjun2013@ruc.edu.cn) is a Ph.D. candidate of School of Information, Renmin University of China. He is actively participating the research activities in Database and Intelligent Information Retrieval Laboratory (DBIIR) group.

He is working on key techniques of knowledge exploration under the supervision of Pro. Xiaoyong Du and A/Prof. Yueguo Chen.

He was visiting Department of Computer Science, University of Helsinki as a joint training student, working on the user interface design of large knowledge graph exploration with Prof. Giulio Jacucci.



I am highly interested in how to interact with large-scale data, and improve the usability and efficiency of information exploitation and exploration. In particular, I have been playing actively in:

1) Algorithm of information search & recommendation.

2) Design of user interface.

3) Implementation of information system.

My research topics includes:

1) Exploratory Search

2) Information Retrieval

3) Big Data Management

4) Semantic Web


Recent accepted papers:

1) Xiangling Zhang, Yueguo Chen, Jun Chen, Xiaoyong Du, Ke Wang, Ji-rong Wen: Entity Set Expansion via Knowledge Graphs. SIGIR 2017:1101-1104 [Paper].

2) Xiongpai Qin, Yueguo Chen, Jun Chen, Shuai Li, Jiesi Liu, Huijie Zhang: The Performance of SQL-on-Hadoop Systems - An Experimental Study. BigData Congress 2017:464-471 [Paper].

3) Denghao Ma, Yueguo Chen, Jun Chen, Xiaoyong Du, Xiangliang Zhang. ESearch: Incorporating Text Corpus and Structured Knowledge for Open Domain Entity Search. WWW 2017:253-256 [Paper].

4) Jun Chen, Giulio Jacucci, Yueguo Chen, Tuukka Ruotsalo. SEED: Entity Oriented Information Search and Exploration. IUI 2017:137-140.[Paper].

5) Xiangling Zhang, Yueguo Chen, Denghao Ma, Jun Chen, Xiaoyong Du. Survey on Entity Search. Journal of Softeare 2017,28(6):1584-1605 (in Chinese).[Paper].

6) Zhe Zhao, Tao Liu, Jun Chen, Bofang Li, Xiaoyong Du. A Text Retrieval System Based on Distributed Representations. APWeb 2016:237-541. [Paper].

7) Jun Chen, Yueguo Chen, Xiaoyong Du, Xiangling Zhang, Xuan Zhou. SEED: A system for entity exploration and debugging in large-scale knowledge graphs. ICDE 2016:1350-1353. [Paper], [Poster].

8) Xiaoyong Du, Jun Chen, Yueguo Chen. Exploratory Search on Big Data. Journal on Communications. 2015, 36(12): 77-88 (in Chinese). [Paper].

9) Yueguo Chen, Xiongpai Qin, Haoqiong Bian, Jun Chen, Zhaoan Dong, Xiaoyong Du, Yanjie Gao, Dehai Liu, Jiaheng Lu, Huijie Zhang. A Study of SQL-on-Hadoop Systems. BPOE@ASPLOS/VLDB 2014: 154-166. [Paper].


Video in Youtube: SEED 1.0

Video in Youtube: Mexplore 1.0


Ph.D. of Computer Science Technology
School of Information
Renmin University of China

Start from September 2013


Bachelor of Computer Science
School of Information and Computer Science
Guizhou University

Start from September 2009

End in June 2013


System Developer--Visiting Student
Department of Computer Science, University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland

Designing and implementing information exploration system based on large Knowledge Graphs.

Start from September 2016

End in April 2017

System Developer--Intern
Infosys Technologies Limited Global Headquarter, Bangalore, India

Implementing concurrency component of distributed in-memory database management system using AKKA framework.

Start from December 2015

End in February 2016


The First National Contest in Big Data Technical Innovations
Haoqiong Bian, Jun Chen, Huijie Zhang

First place in database track in solving "Real-time Detection of Black Holes in Telecom Paging Networks".

December 2013