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Feiran Huang

Add: Room 306, Dongfeng No.7 Building, Renmin University of China, Haidian District, Beijing, 100872, P.R.C.
Party Affiliation: Communist Party of China

2015.09 - 2018.06 School of Information, Renmin University of China

  • Master of Engineering, Computer Software and Theory (Guaranteed Admission)
  • 2011.09 - 2015.06 School of Information, Renmin University of China

  • Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Science and Technology (Major) & Information Management and Information System (Minor)
  • 2014.10 Accepted Demo Paper (Lead Author) on International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE 2015)

  • Paper “PandaSearch: a Fine-grained Academic Search Engine for Research Documents”. We did research on the key technologies of a fine-grained academic search engine PandaSearch, including the content-extraction, information-retrieval, indexing and system-development. ICDE is one of the three top academic conferences on database in the world.
  • 2013.05 National Level Project of the Undergraduate Innovative Experiment Program of China (Head of Technology)

  • Project “The Development and Application of Platform-crossing Course Assistant System based on the Mobile Internet” got the National Level Project which focuses on academic assistance in the universities. Awarded the Outstanding Project in March, 2015.
  • 2013.04 The First Prize of the Undergraduate Science and Technology Academic Competition of RUC

  • Paper “The Construction and Application of the Model of Needs of Aged People on Micro-blog based on the Grounded Theory” won the First Prize of the Academic Competition of RUC, which focuses on the analysis of needs of the aged people from their Microblogs.
  • 2013.5 - present Course Assistant System UniCourse (

  • The head of technology. The system was developed in the National Level Project of the Undergraduate Innovative Experiment Program of China. The system is based on LAMP (Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP) + ThinkPHP + Bootstrap + Git.
  • 2014.03 - 2015.09 Fine-grained Academic Search Engine PandaSearch (

  • The leader of the project. We did research in PDF content extraction and index reconstruction, and finally developed a search engine. The main framework of the system is Struts.
  • 2013.09 - 2014.06 Elderly Social System LaoYouBang (

  • The main developer. Developing the system and doing some research on the elderly information system. The main framework is LAMP.
  • 2016.09 - 2017.09 Vice Secretary of Party General Branch, School of Information, Renmin University of China

  • Lead twenty party branches in the school. Take charge of recruiting new party members, organizing activities, ideology education, etc.
  • 2015.09 - 2017.06 Class Adviser of Class 1, Grade 2015, School of Information, Renmin University of China

  • Take care of the freshmen and help them with their study, life, mental health, etc.
  • 2013.05 - 2014.05 Director of Secretariat of Student Union of Renmin University of China

  • Organize regular forums between teachers and students of which topics include the construction of the campus, development of discipline, logistics support, etc. Organize the Student Congress. Take part in the work of safeguard of rights and interests in campus.
  • 2012.05 - 2013.05 Vice Minister of Propaganda Ministry, Student Union of School of Information, Renmin University of China

  • Organize propaganda activities including taking photograph, writing news, designing poster.
  • 2011.09 - 2012.06 Monitor of Class 2, Grade 2011, School of Information, Renmin University of China

  • Organize class activities.
  • 2016.09 - 2016.10 R&D Engineer Internship in Shenwan Hongyuan Securities Limited.

  • Take part in the requirement analysis, development and technical support of Integrated Management Platform of Underwriting Company.
  • 2016.06 - 2016.08 Deputy Head of Hongsibu Town, Wuzhong City, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region

  • Take part in the management of agriculture, commerce and aid projects. Get familiar with the politics in the poor rural country.
  • 2015.06 - 2015.09 Research Internship in Infosys Technology Limited., Bangalore, India

  • Take part in the research program Building In-memory Relational Data Processing Engine on Spark Platform, analyzing an existing system and building a distributed in-memory relational database coordinating with Spark. Developing with the language Scala.
  • Language Proficiency: CET-6: 548 / CET-4: 600.
  • Programming: Java/C/C++/C#/Scala/python/PHP/HTML/CSS/JavaScript and some frameworks like Struts/jQuery/Bootstrap/ThinkPHP.
  • Familiar with relational databases like Postgresql, MySQL and non-relational databases like MongoDB. Familiar with indexing Apache Lucene.
  • Familiar with the analysis and design of information system, software engineering, project management of information system.
  • Take courses: Mathematical Analysis, Higher Algebra, Probability Theory, Hadoop, Multimedia (Natural Language Processing, Image Processing), Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, Management, Finance, Electronic Business, etc.
  • 2016.12 Social Work and Voluntary Service Scholarship.

    2016.12 Outstanding Student Cadres Scholarship.

    2016.11 Top-ten Class Adviser Award (the second place).

    2016.11 Outstanding Adviser Award.

    2015.10 First Prize of Summer Intership Competition (the first place).

    2015.06 Outstanding Graduate Award.

    2013.12 Outstanding Communist Youth League Cadre Award.

    2012.12 “Three-Good” Student Award.

    2012.12 Outstanding Class Monitor Award.

    2012.09 Corp Commendation of the Military Training.