Guodong Jin

Computer science student at Renmin University of China.

Bio. Currently, I am a master student at RUC, and about to be a PhD candidate in September this year. My research centers around distributed storage and analytical system. I'm familiar with big data systems, such as Hadoop, Spark, Preso, Hive, etc. Previuosly, I joined the InStep Program, which is a global internship program hosted by InfoSys, and I developed a distribtued SQL engine in Java and Scala, which can support SQL queries over single table executing on distributed cluster. Besides SQL processing system, I'm interested in deep learning frameworks, such as Caffe and Tensorflow. Currently, I'm reading source code of Caffe to get a glimpse of its design details.

On a side of fun I blog and maintain a list of useful resources for distribtued system and deep learning.


  • An Operational Intelligence System on Massive Behavioural Data.
  • Distributed Relational Data Processing Engine.

  • Publications

  • Entity Fiber based Partitioning, no Loss Staging and Fast Loading of Log Data. PDCAT'16
  • Xiongpai QIN, Yueguo CHEN, Guodong JIN, Yang LIU, Yiming CONG, Xiaoyong DU.
  • No Loss Staging and Fast Loading of Log Data. NDBC Demo'16
  • Xiongpai QIN, Guodong JIN, Yang LIU, Yiming CONG, Xiaoyong DU.


  • Midleware Development Performance Challenge. Alibaba Group
  • Develop a system from scratch to process 100GB relational dataset on a single cheap server with 4GB memroy. Seventeen position


  • Good programming skills with Java.
  • Deployment of various of on-Hadoop system.
  • Good communication skills both in English and Mandarin Chinese.
  • Not bad at cooking, still improving.
  • Good team work and system design experience.

  • Languages

  • Mandarin Chinese: native language
  • English: fluently
  • Japanese: currently learning