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Jinchuan Chen

Associate Professor
433, Information Building
Key Laboratory of Data Engineering and Knowledge Engineering,
Ministry of Education
  (Renmin University of China)
Beijing, 100872

Email: jcchen[at]
Phone: 010-62514562


Dr. Jinchuan Chen is an Associate Professor of the Key Laboratory of Data Engineering and Knowledge Engineering, Ministry of Education  (Renmin University of China). He received his Bachelor degree from Department of Computer Science and Technology of Beijing Normal University in 2001, and his Master degree from Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2004. He then obtained his PhD from COMP (HKPolyU) in 2009. His research interests mainly focus on Uncertain Data Management and Unstructured Data Management.

Teaching Experience

Courses I am now teaching:
        Database Techniques and Applications
        Introduction to Computer Programming

Selected Publication

Journal Publications

  1. Jinchuan Chen, Yueguo Chen, Xiaoyong Du, Cuiping Li, Jiaheng Lu, Suyun Zhao and Xuan Zhou. Big data challenge: a data management perspective. Frontiers of Computer Science 7(2): 157-164 (2013)[ paper]

  2. Xike Xie, Reynold Cheng, Man Lung Yiu, Liwen Sun and Jinchuan Chen. UV-diagram: a voronoi diagram for uncertain spatial databases. VLDB J. 22(3)[ paper]

  3. Wei Lu, Jinchuan Chen, Xiaoyong Du, Jieping Wang and Wei Pan. Efficient top-K approximate searches against a relation with multiple attributes. World Wide Web 14(5-6)[ paper]

  4. Jinchuan Chen, Reynold Cheng, M. Mokbel and C.-Y. Chow. Scalable processing of snapshot and continuous nearest-neighbor queries over one-dimensional uncertain data. The VLDB Journal, Volume 18, Number 5, Oct. 2009.[ paper]

Conference Publications

  1. Tao Yang, Jinchuan Chen, Xiaoyan Wang, Yueguo Chen and Xiaoyong Du. Efficient SPARQL Query Evaluation via Automatic Data Partitioning. DASFAA (2) 2013[ paper]

  2. Jinchuan Chen, Min Zhang, Xike Xie and Xiaoyong Du. Efficient Querying of Correlated Uncertain Data with Cached Results. DASFAA (1) 2013[ paper]

  3. Xiaoyan Wang, Jinchuan Chen and Xiaoyong Du. ASAWA: An Automatic Partition Key Selection Strategy. APWeb 2013[ paper]

  4. Mengxia Jiang, Yueguo Chen, Jinchuan Chen and Xiaoyong Du. Interactive Predicate Suggestion for Keyword Search on RDF Graphs. ADMA (2) 2011[ paper]

  5. Wei Lu, Chuitian Rong, Jinchuan Chen, Xiaoyong Du, Gabriel Pui Cheong Fung and Xiaofang Zhou. Efficient Common Items Extraction from Multiple Sorted Lists. APWeb 2010[ paper]

  6. Xiao Zhang, Xiaoyong Du, Jinchuan Chen and Shan Wang. Managing a Large Shared Bank of Unstructured Data by Using Free-Table. APWeb 2010[ paper]

  7. Reynold Cheng, Xike Xie, Man Lung Yiu, Jinchuan Chen, and Liwen Sun. UV-diagram: A Voronoi Diagram for Uncertain Data. In ICDE 2010.[ paper]

  8. Yinuo Zhang, Reynold Cheng and Jinchuan Chen. Evaluating Continuous Probabilistic Queries Over Imprecise Sensor Data. In DASFAA 2010.[ paper]

  9. Reynold Cheng, Lei Chen, Jinchuan Chen and Xike Xie. Evaluating Probability Threshold k-Nearest-Neighbor Queries over Uncertain Data. In EDBT 2009.

  10. Reynold Cheng, Jinchuan Chen and Xike Xie. Cleaning Probabilistic Databases with Quality Guarantees. VLDB 2008. [paper]

  11. Jinchuan Chen and Reynold Cheng. Quality-Aware Probing of Uncertain Data with Resource Constraints. In 20th Intl. Conf. on Scientific and Statistical Database Management (SSDBM 2008), Hong Kong, Jul 2008. [paper]

  12. Reynold Cheng, Jinchuan Chen, M. Mokbel and C. Chow. Probabilistic Verifiers: Evaluating Constrained Probabilistic Nearest-Neighbor Queries over Uncertain Data. In the IEEE Intl. Conf. on Data Engineering (IEEE ICDE 2008), Cancun, Mexico, Apr, 2008. [paper]

  13. Jinchuan Chen and Reynold Cheng. Efficient Evaluation of Imprecise Location-Dependent Queries. In the IEEE Intl. Conf. on Data Engineering (IEEE ICDE 2007), Istanbul, Turkey, Apr, 2007. [paper]

  14. Reynold Cheng and Jinchuan Chen. Probabilistic Spatial Queries. Encyclopedia of Database Systems, L. Liu and T. Ozsu (eds.), Springer-Verlag, 2007.

    Academic Activity

    1. Reviewers for: IEEE TKDE, JCST, JOS

    2. PC for conferences: SDM, APWeb, WAIM, NDBC


    I have been a major member in several research projects.
    1. Cleaning Uncertain Data based on User Feedback. NSFC 2010-2013.
    2. Adaptive Filters for Continuous Queries over Constantly-Evolving Data Streams (RGC CERG, Ref: 513307, 2008-09).
    3. Efficient Protocols for Quality-Aware Querying of Sensor Data in Pervasive Environments, RGC Germany/Hong Kong Joint Research Scheme 2006/2007. Ref: G_HK013/06
    4. Intelligent Anti-Spam System. National 863 High Tech. Program (863). 2004.10-2005.12. (2004AA147080)
    5. Data Mining and Knowledge Management Techniques for Software Enterprises. National 863 High Tech. Program (863). 2001.10-2003.12. (2001AA113180)